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1. When the form is lacking you can only appeal to the tour operator.

2. With customer in these tour conditions is meant the natural or legal person who/that for himself/itself or on behalf of a group of tourists, books the tour.

3. The customer is responsible for the observing of all obligations that result from the tour agreement.

4. The booking number that was given to the customer serves as a proof of the tour arrangement between the tour operator on the one hand and the customer on the other hand.

5. The programme of the tour is determined by the tour operator in conformity with the published tour programme unless it was agreed otherwise in writing.

6. At bookings for tours the customer should pay a deposit of 50% of the total sum for each tour. The total sum for the tour should be paid not later than 7 days before the departure. The day of departure is not included here.

7. The published sum for the tour is on the basis of more persons a hut/room, unless it was agreed otherwise in writing.

8. The tour operator maintains the right to alter the published sum for the tour at all times. Possible alterations will depend on acute increases of which our service providers did not notify us.
The customer has the right to annul the tour when the altered sum for the tour or the increase is not acceptable.

9. If such an annulment is communicated 1 day after the alteration of the sum for the tour to the tour operator, the sums of money that were already paid, will be refunded.

10. The duration of the tour is mentioned in whole days or weeks at which the days of departure and arrival count as whole days.

11. The tourist should have had the necessary vaccinations and should have malaria prophylaxis at the departure and during the tour.

12. The tour operator is in no way responsible for the consequences that result out of negligence in medical precautions of the tourist.

13. The customer should at the booking be able to identify the other tourists who will take part in the tour, by means of a valid passport or an identity document.

14. Not later than 12 days before the departure, the day of departure not included, the customer can propose alterations in the tour programme, if this is possible. One should agree hereby with an increase in the tour and administration costs that go with that.

15. At the annulment of a tour not later than 12 days before the departure, the day of departure not included, a fine of 25% of the sum for the tour has to be paid and at annulment after the mentioned point in time, the customer cannot get a refund anymore.

16. The tour operator maintains the right to annul the tour when less than 5 tourists will take part in the tour as well as at any other circumstance that was considered by the tour operator. The tour operator also maintains the right to alter the stay accommodation or the means of transportation.

17. The tour operator has to inform the customer of the annulments not later than 4 days before the departure, the day of departure included. Here the sum for the tour that was already paid (50 % of it) will be refunded. .

18. The tour operator cannot be held responsible for information (photographs, folders or other information material) that was provided by third parties with regard to the booked tour or the fixed tour programme.

19. During the period of the tour in which the tourists are under the supervision of the tour operator, the tour operator will take out a minimal accident insurance for the tourists. The instructions and orders of the tour operator/tour guide should be carried out strictly.

20. Since the tour operator only took out a minimal insurance for the customer, the last mentioned is urgently advised to take out a travel and accident insurance.

21. The customer who takes part in the tour that can be described as adventurous, will not hold the tour operator responsible for any damage that the he/she incurred (because of the lacking of good communication, means of transportation and medical help), except for the right of the customer on the insurance as meant in article 21.

22. If one booked for a group for a tour, the customer has to make the tour conditions known to all members of the group and because of this he will not hold the tour operator responsible for all damage that results from the non-observance of the abovementioned.

  • The interior of Suriname is not free of  malaria. We advise you to go to the Public Health Bureau (BOG) not later than 6 days before the departure. Address: Rode Kruislaan, tel: 499494 Opening hours: Mo - Fri  07.00 hours  - 10.00 hours.
  • The allowed weight for luggage is 5 kg per tourist.
  • Nature conservation is self-preservation. We therefore ask you not to take plants and animal from the areas with you.


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