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Suriname, a democratic sovereign state since 25 November 1975 in the north-east of South America with only 450,000 inhabitants who mainly live in and around the capital Paramaribo. The country is four times larger than Belgium. The major part of this country exists out of an unknown, vast and virgin tropical rainforest and certainly can be considered in many ways as the source of healing.
Suriname is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, French Guiana, Guyana and Brazil.
The population composition is identical, a fact about which we all can be proud.
The country is magnificent, friendly people live there, the climate is tropical what means that it is warm and moist. This is wonderful for an unforgettable holiday.
The language of communication is Dutch but other languages are also being spoken, among other languages; English, French.
The very last ruler of Suriname was the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
Suriname is to be uniquely recommended as a true holiday spot.
It is good to draw your attention to the fact that a valid visa is required for Suriname. You can obtain this visa at the Surinamese Consulate in your country. For further information visit the website: www.surniname.nu.nl . Part of the town centre of Paramaribo was placed on the world patrimony list of monumental buildings by the UNESCO. It is a varied magnificence of architecture.

In Suriname there are four seasons:
a. the small rainy season (mid-December till the end of January)
b. the big rainy season (beginning of May till the end of July at which the very last rainy days of this season mostly characterise themselves by heavy showers with heavy winds, the “sibi boesies”, literally translated: “nature sweeps the forests clean”.
c. the small dry season, this characterises itself by alternating showers of short duration..
d. the big dry season, this characterises itself with temperatures of 28º to 32º, sometimes till 35º.
Your impressive trip already begins at your arrival on our Johan Adolf Pengel international airport (previously Zanderij) and at the start of our inland tour to the various parts of our breathtaking beautiful forest, you quickly notice the total feeling of rest that every participant experiences in his/her own way.



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