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  • Technical information Tafelberg in Suriname, Sipaliwini:

The Tafelberg and her surroundings area from one of Suriname Largest nature reserve areas, has a triangular shape with its tip pointing towards the south. A flat plateau of 10 km wide and 15 km sides from the top by steep slopes of several hundred meters in heigt.
Only one the north- west side does the mountain slope towards its base a little more gradually and thus only from this side climbing the mountain is possible with luggage.
The plateau slants from its highest point in the South at 1026 meters towards its lowest in the north at approximately 600 meters. In the center of the plateau there is an indentation which is known as the arrowhead basin named this because of its shape, and which is separated from the plateau by steep walls of approximately 10 up to probably 150 meters in height.
The Tafelberg in Suriname has an interesting history, itís the easternmost remnant of the ancient Roraima sandstone formation. This formation is a thick cover of sediment of uncertain age of which remnant are left in several countries in South- America.
More specifically, this area also called Pantepui reaches from the Orinoco (Venezuela) in the North west to the Tafelberg in Suriname in the east and the Brazil- Venezuela border in the South. The high- test point of the formation is formed by Mount Roraima
(2810 mtrs) where the borders of Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil meet.
The Roraima formation is not one continuous surface but is made up of several deposits, which rise above the pre Cambriotic Guyana shield in the shape of the table mountain also known as Tepuiís in Venezuela.
Characteristic for these mountains/tepuiís are the high plateaus at theire top, which separate themselves from the surrounding areas by steep walls.
Because of their height, these mountain exhibit lower temperatures than the surrounding areas. Basically what they from are Islands with subtropical climates in a sea of tropical temperatures. The sleep walls are furthermore a practically insurmountable barrier for many plants and wildlive, which live around them. The nature of the soil on this sandstone plateau also has direct results for the vegetation, which grows on them. We offer You a seven day (7 day) hike trip to this area, all inclusief for Ä 745 per person.
Come and see for yourself. See you soon in Suriname.



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