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  • Family, soft adventure, culture and eco tours in Suriname:

Brownsberg-nature park:
At 130 km south of Paramaribo lies the Brownsberg-nature park in the district
of Brokopondo. Here your orientation on the vast and virgin tropical rainforest
begins with possibilities for less heavy walking tours around the Mazaroni plateau.
Price a person 70. 8% Tax excluded. (10 hours)

Galibi-tours: Pmbgb, the Galibi-nature reserve situated on the northeast
coast of Suriname at the estuary of the Maroon River and the border
with French Guiana. A vast sandy beach that totally completes a visit
to this Amerindian and huge marine turtle territory.
Price a person 135. 8% Tax excluded. (2 nights)

KWANA-ISLAND: Pmbkw, a beautiful small island situated in the middle of
the Brokopondo-tree cemetery with a vast natural sandy beach.
The island offers bed-sleeping-places to 15 persons, with shared bath
and toilet facilities and is free of malaria. You will enjoy the Surinamese fiji peacefully.
Price a person 125. 8% Tax excluded. (2 nights)

REDIDOTI: Pmbrd, in the middle of the habitat of the Amerindians at the
lower reaches of the Suriname River, for a lookback on the history.
To 6 to 8 persons hammock accommodation with shared primitive
WC- and bath facilities at walking distance from the lodge, is offered.
You have the possibility to make trips to, among other spots, Blakawatra (optional),
Jodensavanne and a walking trip over the historic Gordon Path.
Price a person 150. 8% Tax excluded. (2 nights)

ISA-DOU: Pmbjw, an ideally situated small island on the hill at
the foot of the Jaw-Jaw-rapid nearby the maroon village with the
same name, Jaw-Jaw. The small village Jaw-Jaw has about 150
inhabitants and lies on a sailing distance of one hour and forty-five
minutes from the end of the road at Atjoni at the water.
The island offers bed-sleeping-places to 22 persons with shared sanitary
facilities at walking distance from the huts.
- The 22 bed-sleeping-places are divided as follows:
- 4 times 4-person huts
- 3 times 2-person huts
- 2 spacious dining rooms
- 2 kitchens.
Your endless nature pleasure lies hidden here .......
Price a person 140. 8% Tax excluded. (2 nights)

Danpaati: Pmbdp, an ideally situated small island in the middle of
the Upper-Suriname River nearby the maroon village Dan, with many
possibilities for among other things culture and nature orientation.
The island has 7 double-bedded and simple comfortably furnished
maroon huts with private sanitary facilities and a good view on the water.
4 double-bedded huts at the back of the island with shared sanitary facilities.
1 room for a group with six bunkbeds with an own kitchen and cutlery.
1 family house with six beds.
1 hammock accommodation for about 9 hammocks.
1 central kitchen, a sitting-room with a bar and a spacious dining room.
Price a person 250, 8% Tax excluded. (2 nights)

Kosindo: Pmbks, an ideally situated spot on the vast land of the maroon
village Kajana at the left bank of the Gran Rio with simple double-bedded
traditional maroon huts with view on the water. This is the operating base
for trips over the river to wonderful rapids and our optional Sintea-dan-
or Eilerts de Haan-expeditions.
The such-and-such nature reserve of Suriname of which you undoubtedly
will have an unknown and unforgettable memory. A cultural, natural, adventurous
and relaxing experience. You will go home satisfied.
Price a person 310. 8% Tax excluded. (2 nights)
Note! Sintea-dan and E. De Haan not included.



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