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  • Galibi nature reserve in Suriname S.A.

The reserve of thousands of sea Turtles, is the experience for a life- time memory.
The Sea Turtle season is from February through August .

The Galibi nature reserve is situated in the northeast corner of Suriname , at the mouth of the Marowijne river and the border of French Guyana.
This area is aproximize 4000 ha in size, 13 km long and 1km wide, the reserve is known for being the most important nesting beach for the olive ridley turtle in the western Atlantic region, it was established in march 199 to protect the nesting beaches of sea turtles, contributing to international efforts in marine conservation.
It’s the only beach where mass nesting aggregations ( ambadas ) of the olive ridley are known to have occurred in the Atlantic region.
Because the saline oceanic Guyana current and the freshwater flow of the Marowijne river collide along, the east and north borders of the reserve.
It’s exposed to many different environmental factors.
This results in a great biological diversity characterized by the Suriname coast.
The reserve primary function is to protect the sea turtles and their nesting beaches, but essentially all of the reserve’s natural resources are protected.
The Galibi reserve and the nearby Amerindian villages are accessible only by boat, about 1 ˝ hours downstream from the drop in point by car/ bus Albina.
The villages are allowed to use the reserve for fishing, hunting, plant collecting and small- scale agricultural activities .
Sea turtles is the key fauna elements in the Galibi nature reserve.
There are four sea turtle species nesting on it’s beaches between February and July.
1. The leatherback ( dermochelys coriacea ), what local call ,, aitikanti ‘’ it’s the greatest of the ancient mariners.
2. The green turtle ( chelonian mydas ), what local call ,, krapé ‘’.
3. The olive ridley ( lapidochelys olivacea ), what local call ,, warana ‘’ this is the smallest sea turtle nesting in Suriname, it have a length of 68,5 cm and weight between 35- 50 kg.
4. The hawksbill ( eretmochelys imbricate ), what local calls ,, karet ‘’ , nests only sporadically in Suriname with rarely more than twenty-five nests a year. The nesting period takes place typically during May until July.

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