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  •  Active jungle adventure tours in Suriname:

Sintea-dan:: Pmbsd, an ideally situated spot in the deep south of the Gran Rio River
which offers hammock-sleeping-places to about 12 persons.
Your magnificent nature and adventurous discovery lies hidden here.
Price a person 350. 8% Tax excluded. (4 nights)

Blanche Marie water falls: Pmbbl, situated in the untouched West-Surinamese forest,
is meant for the real nature lovers. The Blanche Marie-holiday spot offers accommodation
to 2 to 6 persons a room and you can endlessly enjoy this untouched beautiful
environment with view on the magnificent Blanche Marie waterfalls where you can also relax.
Price a person 295. 8% Tax excluded. (3 nights)

Raleighvallen: Pmbrv, situated in the middle of the Coppename River and the Central
Suriname Nature Reserve, rich in flora and fauna. The Fungoe-island is the basic
camp where you can stay in double or multi-person rooms with view on the
Coppename River and the rooms have shared sanitary facilities.
You also have the possibility to climb the Voltzberg (mountain) to the top in the
company of an experienced guide. Price a person 245. 8% Tax excluded. (3 nights)

Tafelberg (Table Mountain): Pmbtb, situated in the Central Suriname Nature Reserve
with possibility to climb the mountain in the company of an experienced guide.
The area is rich in flora and fauna. The lodge is near the Rudi Kappel airfield and
offers sleeping facility to 2, 4 and 6 persons and serves as the base for the
hiking trip to the mountain plateau; an enormous challenge to discover this
vast nature reserve. Price a person 745. 8% Tax excluded. (6 nights)

Kwamalasamutu: Pmbkm, situated in the deep south of Suriname nearby
the border with Brazil. This area is mainly cherished by Trio-Amerindians
and life there is still primitive. Kwamalasamutu lies at 2 hours
flying distance of Paramaribo. The Meu-Foundation, recently started
with the accommodation of tourists and they offer hammock-sleeping-places
to 8 to 12 persons and with primitive WC-facilities and bathing in the river.
Price a person 800. 8% Tax excluded. (3 nights).

Kawemhakan: Pmbkh, situated in the deep south-east of Suriname at the
upper course of the Lawa River. This area is mainly cherished by Wajana-Amerindians.
Between the activities the Alukus, an Aukaner maroon tribe, show up in the area.
This area can best be reached by airplane, the flying distance is
about 1 hour and 57 minutes from Paramaribo.
Price a person 654. 8% Tax excluded. (3 nights)

West-South walking trip: we already start this trip in Paramaribo with an
airplane and we fly to the small airfield near the maroon village Poesoegroenoe
situated at the Upper-Saramacca River in order to continue our trip in a dug-out
to a maroon village the Vertrouwen further in the south. From this place we start
our walking trip across the forest and through the new Central Suriname Nature
Reserve with sleepovers in the open and virgin tropical rainforest full of nature,
adventure, flora and fauna. The duration of the walking trip is 7 days with 6 sleepovers
in the hammock with mosquito net.
From Botopassi at the Upper-Suriname River we go further with a dug-out to Atjoni
on day 8 in order to travel with a bus to Paramaribo.
Price a person 630. 8% Tax excluded.(6 nights)

Eilerts de Haan-expedition: Pmbexp, a 14-day hiking tour over the Gran Rio River across
the new Central Suriname Nature Reserve deep in the south of the Gran Rio,
a river expedition full of nature, adventure and new encounters with the wild,
flora and fauna. It is thus an expedition full of survival, sleeping in hammocks/tents
and it requires a good stable, physical, mental and physical condition of every participant.
Price a person 1200. 8 % Tax excluded.(13-14 nights)



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