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  • MJTA tour, for city, jungle, eco, family and adventurous tours

Henck Arronstraat # 21 ben.
Tel/fax: +597 472746
Mobiel: +597(0) 8834851.

MJTA, other than others, the active specialist for adventurous people or groups who/that are looking for: nature, culture, adventure, recreation and education.
A young and dynamic company which is aimed at ECOTOURISM and which offers a lot of possibilities for an unforgettable holiday and ECOTOURISM in Suriname.
Our wonderful trips to the breathtaking virgin tropical rainforest of Suriname always take you back to many visions from dreams and they are restful.
MJTA, since 2002, is a tour operator that fulfils the wishes of the average tourist.
Aim: a. the creating of employment for the average inhabitant
of the regions in which our tours take place.
b. to offer Suriname to foreign tour operators, individual tourists,
groups of students, as a safe and good holiday spot.
c. to help with the development of the sector to greater
heights at which all actors can earn their living.
The company wants to achieve its aims by:
a. offering an original programme and itinerary which were developed by it, to the public
that travels, foreign tour operators, groups of students and others.
b. motivating the people in the areas and to teach them tourist-friendly skills since tour operators alone, cannot actually develop this product as it should.
c. offering attractive tour packages at which the quality and the price are well-matched.

MJTA is registered in the Surinamese trade register under the
number 36562.
With us you can book tours for all destinations in Suriname as desired, we can advise you as well however.
You can book the internal tours as follows:
a. A return-trip by airplane.
b. A return-trip by airplane, by dug-out and bus (if there is the possibility).
c. Return-trip bus and dug-out.
d. By bus (for some destinations).
MJTA does not only organise tours in the entire interior of Suriname with the aim to obtain economic advantage, but also feels concerned with the conservation of the culture and biodiversity.
We also feel concerned with the development of our people in the hinterland, that is why we try to, in our way, motivate the people to be more self-active and to get schooling/training.
We offer you the following tours:
a. culture and history
b. nature, culture, flora and fauna
c. active, adventure
- hiking tours
- trips on the river
d. tours for anglers
e. romantic tour specials:
- honeymoon-tours
- single meet single-tours
With us you can book combination tours with sleepovers on two or three spots for the same amount of money at which you can considerably enjoy the many eco-tourist components.



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